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We hope that you will have a wonderful time at Groepsaccommodatie Nieuwkarspel. To facilitate this, it is important that you as a group observe the following agreements and communicate and enforce this with each other. This way it remains pleasant and enjoyable for everyone, including local residents and Nieuwkarspel employees. All agreements are listed below.

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General Terms and Conditions

(Algemene voorwaarden, Dutch Law)


Holiday Home Nieuwkarspel
Middenkoogweg 1b, 1738 DW Waarland, Holland
Owners: Nieuwkarspel V.O.F. (Eef van Leeuwen, Kees Meester, Silva Meester, Janneke Terluin)

As a result of Dutch law, only the Dutch text of our general terms and conditions is legally valid.
The following is a translation in English.

Article 1.
1. The general terms and conditions are applicable to every room and the grounds of our Holiday Home Nieuwkarspel, unless
2. Any other terms and conditions are explicitly excluded

Meaning of the Agreement
Article 2.
1. Staying at our Holiday Home Nieuwkarspel is only possible for reasons of tourism, with a limited length of stay. In no case can the guest claim any right to lengthen the duration of his/her stay.
2. The agreement is on a basis of information about the purpose of the use of the accommodation given to the owner by the renter.
3. The amount of persons as stated in the agreement shall not be exceeded without explicit permission by the owner.

Article 3.
1. The agreed price is the rental sum, including additional costs such as cleaning and sheets as well as the obligational tourist tax the local government states every year, for the amount of persons as stated in the agreement.

Article 4.
1. The renter will pay according to the agreed terms: deposit within one month after the booking and the remainder of the balance has to be received in the bank account given in the reservation details one (1) month before the start of your stay at the latest.
2. If the renter does not or inadequately act upon the agreed terms of payment the owner has the right to immediately discharge the agreement as stated in article 5 of these general terms and conditions
3. Our prices are valid as stated on our website www.nieuwkarspel.nl. Disclaimer for any other prices.

Cancellation by the guest
Article 5.
1. The guest has to inform the owner/proprietor of any cancellation in writing.
2. The following amounts will be charged in case of a cancellation:
a. In case of cancellation more than 6 months before the date on which the agreed rental period starts, 30% of the agreed rental sum.
b. In case of cancellation between 4 and 6 months before the start of your stay: 70% of the agreed rental sum.
c. In case of cancellation between 2 and 4 months before the start of the stay: 80% of the agreed rental sum
d. In case of cancellation within 2 months before the start of the stay: 95% of the agreed rental sum.
e. In case of cancellation on the day the stay starts, 100% of the agreed rental sum.

House Rules
Article 6.
1. The renter and his guests are expected to act in a peaceful manner. They follow the house rules as stated by the owner:
a. Use of electrical appliances brought by the renter and his guests, such as sound system, beertap, grill, frying pan is not permitted unless explicitly stated by the owner.
b. Nothing shall be flushed in toilet or sinks because that will certainly cause sewage to impediment or disruption of the ecological sewage system.
c. Smoking, gourmet and frying are prohibited inside the accommodation.
d. Installations, buildings and furniture are only to be used in a manner for which they are originally intended.
e. Pets are not allowed in the sleeping rooms, nor are food or beverages.
f. Pets must be on a leash when outside.
g. Between 22:00 hours and 07:00 hours guests are expected to keep the noise level down in and around the house.
2. The renter informs his guests about the stated house rules in detail.
3. The renter and his guests leave the accommodation at the agreed time in an a good orderly, broom clean2 condition. Dishwashing machines are empty, all clean plates, cups, pans, pots, etc. are put in their cupboards. Garbage is put where the owner has shown you to do so (Renter informs his guests in detail): Glass, paper, metals, plastics and bio/green are all separated and put in the therefore given bins and sacks, the rest is put in the Rest-bin. Sheets are removed and collected in washing bags.
4. The owner can be forced to remove the renter and his guests during the stay because of overtrading of article 6, points 1 to 5. No restitution of rent or other will take place. Extra costs due to neglect of points in article 6 will be charged to the renter.
5. If the renter and/or his guests do not live up to the agreement, general conditions and house rules this may lead to extra costs, subtracted on the deposit.

Article 8.
1. The owner is not liable for theft, accidents or damage on, around or inside the accommodation. The exclusion of liability is for material damage as well as personal, case, or company damage. De renter is liable towards the owner for damage caused by him or his other guests/group members.

Nieuwkarspel V.O.F.
Eef van Leeuwen telephone 00316-83095601
Kees Meester telephone 0031 6 53786893
Silva Meester telephone 0031 6 30904162
Janneke Terluin telephone  0031 6 20442724

Middenkoogweg 1B, 1738 DW  Waarland.

Cancellation conditions

1. The tenant is entitled to cancel the agreement in writing.

2. In case of cancellation the tenant owes the following compensation to the landlord:

a. if canceled more than 6 months before the commencement date, 30% of the agreed rent.
b. if canceled within 4 and 6 months before the commencement date, 70% of the agreed rent.
c. in case of cancellation within 2 and 4 months before the commencement date, 80% of the agreed rent.
d. if canceled within 2 months before the effective date, 95% of the agreed rent.
e. in case of cancellation on the day of the commencement date, 100% of the agreed rent.
3. The compensation will be refunded pro rata after deduction of administrative costs if and when the holiday home will be booked by another tenant for the same period.
The administration costs are 50 euros.

House rules

  1. Respect the peace and quiet of the local residents and do not make noise. In the evening after 23:00 until 08:00 in the morning it should be quiet outside.
  2. Sound systems should only be used indoors with windows and doors closed.
  3. Locked rooms and cupboards are for private purposes and should not be opened.
  4. Smoking is not allowed in the accommodation. You can smoke outside on one of the terraces. Be careful with fire and avoid smoke.
  5. Keep it cozy and tidy: Bedrooms and beds are meant to be nice and clean and fresh to sleep in. So don’t bring sweets, crisps, fruit, ice cream, soft drinks or other drinks to the sleeping areas, not even in the small alcoves in the living rooms. If you have dirty shoes, leave them outside or in the hall, or get into the habit of sweeping them well. This also applies to the outdoor area: no litter, no public urination, Do not bump into walls and edges with go-karts or bicycles, etc. If the outdoor tables have become dirty, clean them again. Do not dirty walls with shoes, dirty hands, etc. Keep the windows clean. If you have barbecued, clean everything again, including the barbecue. N.B. Should we need more than 6 hours to get the whole accommodation tidy again for the next guests, we will charge an additional fee (€40 per hour).
  6. Only move the equipment (furniture, etc.) with the permission of the manager; This is because unnecessary damage can occur when moving the device.
  7. In case of absence, close all windows and lock the exterior doors.
  8. When you leave, put all furniture and other items – also tableware, cutlery, glassware and potts – back in their original place, the dishwashers are empty, the dishes tidied up, the beds removed. The mattress cover and the bottom pillowcase can be placed on the mattress or pillow. Duvet is neatly folded. All rooms upstairs and downstairs are (swept) clean; All waste bins are empty and glassware has been disposed of by you to a public glass container. Rented linen can be collected downstairs in the hall after use.
  9. If you neglect to use linen on the beds, we will charge you for the cleaning costs of the pillows, duvets and mattresses.
  10. If you have brought a pet, make sure that they do not walk or lie on sofas and beds. Bring your own bed for the dog. Outside, you must keep your pet on a leash.
  11. Waste is separated: green waste in the green bin, plastic waste and metal in the bin with orange lid, paper in the blue basket or in a box; glass in the public glass container in the Kasteelstraat or at the VOMAR. After separation, residual waste remains in the black bin. We would appreciate your cooperation. Also in the accommodation you will find tools to help you separate the waste.  Incorrect separation of waste leads to additional costs: € 40 per hour.
  12. Do not dispose of waste, oil, etc. in the drains as this will cause blockages. So don’t throw anything into bathtubs, toilets, sinks, or other drains. Also no sanitary napkins, wet wipes or tampons, etc. Dispose of it in the trash!
  13. When loading the dishwashers, also make sure that food residues should first be disposed of in the waste bin or coffee/drink residue in the sink and rinsed away. Don’t just dump it all into the dishwashers, because that leads to dirty dishes and clogging.
  14. Our sewage system does not tolerate corrosive substances such as hydrochloric acid, bleach, chlorine or other chemicals, nor grease. Pour cooled fats into a bottle or other container that tolerates it, then dispose of it sealed in the residual waste bin To clean, use only detergent.
  15. You must report any imperfections to us immediately so that we will try to resolve them. Please report any damage to us so that we can make it right before the arrival of the next guests. If you have any complaints, please report them to us as well.
  16. Damage found on arrival must be reported to us within 3 hours. In case of failure to do so, the damage will be charged to you
  17. It is not allowed to use your own electrical appliances (such as sound equipment, tap installation, sandwich maker, toaster, etc.) in the accommodation without the permission of the landlord. Deep fryers may not be used in the accommodation, but only outside, with the permission of the landlord. Gourmet or deep-frying is NOT allowed inside.
  18. The tenant must inform the other (group) members of the house rules.
  19. Our accommodation is well protected against fire and connected to the fire alarm center. If you cause smoke, the alarm will go off. That’s not the intention – unless there’s a real fire, of course – and it won’t happen if you follow the rules: Extractor hood on when cooking, baking and roasting; do not burn fats or burn crumbs in the oven; Do not shower (long and hot) while the bathroom door is open. If a fire does occur, you should immediately call 1-1-2 for the fire brigade. Also, you must inform us of this fact immediately. Call 06-53786893 or 06-83095601. The manager must also be called if the alarm goes off due to smoke/vapour development while there is no fire. We are forced to charge costs in the event of this situation. See also the telephone numbers at the bottom of our house rules of the other owner/managers. It is not the intention to deactivate (parts of) the fire alarm system, in which case the entire system will no longer work. Reset fees will be charged.
  20. Children are only allowed to use the garden, play equipment and trampoline under the supervision of adults.
  21. Use of the trampoline and other play equipment by you and your children is your own responsibility.
  22. The tenant and his (group) members are obliged to comply with the house rules set by the landlord.
  23. Failure of members of the group to comply with the house rules may result in non-refund of the deposit or even removal from the accommodation.

Nieuwkarspel VOF
Eef van Leeuwen telephone 00316-83095601
Kees Meester telephone 00316-53786893
Silva Master telephone 00316-30904162
Janneke Terluin telephone 00316-20442724
Middenkoogweg 1B – 1738 DW Waarland

Hints upon Leaving Accommodation

We hope that, when you leave Nieuwkarspel, you can look back on a special and pleasant stay.
Before closing the door, please make sure that:
• All tableware, cuttlery, pots etc. are clean
• The dishwashers have been emptied and the dishes are replaced in the cupboards intended for this purpose
• The bed linens are removed from the beds that have been slept in, except for the matrasscover and pillowcover that were already on the bed when you arrived. However, The duvet and pillow you put back on the bed as found on arrival. You also communicate well with your group members. Please put used bed linen piled up in the hallway (please do not fold, they will be washed).
• All rooms are completely swept clean, both on ground and first floor.
• All waste bins are emptied into the appropriate clicks and replaced.
• Please deposit glass bottles and jars in the bottle bank is in the Kasteelstraat, this is the extension of the Middenkoogweg, or near the supermarket.
• Waste is separated as best as possible: Plastic can be put in the container with orange lid, paper/cardboard in the blue basket, and metal in the metal bin, organic waste in the green container and residual waste in the black container. We will return plastic bottles to the supermarket for you.
• The cooker is cleared of food residues and overcooking
• The oven is cleared of crumbs and fat- or foodremains
• All furniture has been returned to where you found it on arrival
• The exterior doors are closed
• The lights are off
• The picnic benches are under the roof, the wicker chairs are along the façade
• Volleyball net, windbreaks, the ping pong table are again under the roof
• The barbecue (s) has been emptied and cleaned.

We thank you very much for your co-operation and hope you will kindly communicate your pleasant stay with us.

Eef van Leeuwen telefoon 00316-83095601
Kees Meester telefoon 00316-53786893
Silva Meester telefoon 00316-30904162
Janneke Terluin telefoon 00316-20442724