For whom did we build Nieuwkarspel?

Can Nieuwkarspel host your group?
The House

The big house is beautifully designed and decorated. Nieuwkarspel has three interconnected reception and dining rooms and two open kitchens. Eight bedrooms eache have their own bathroom. Two of them are on the ground floor. The other bedrooms are on the first floor. There are two stairs inside and one outside, there is no lift.


Especially made for Groups

Group holiday house Nieuwkarspel is especially designed for groups upto 40 personen. Depending on the desired comfort level, between 16 (always with 2 people in a bedroom) and 32 people stay and sleep (now with 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 people in one bedroom.) Each bedroom has its own bathroom.

The extra dormitory does not have its own bathroom. You can rent it, for example because your group is larger than 32 people, or because you need an extra room.

  • The three lounges on the ground floor are spacious, comfortable and light. The view of the polder landscape is great.
  • the kitchens are modern and well-equipped.
  • the bedrooms – 2 downstairs and 6 upstairs – have good beds and a spacious bathroom with shower, sink and toilet. The downstairs bedrooms also have a bathtub.

The great outdoor space is absolutely amazing! All our guests tells us just few group holiday rentals can offer that: 4000 meters of lawns and a lot of covered terraces, a total of about 120m2. With every sun a sunny corner, with every wind a wind-free corner!


Groups of friends, colleagues or family

Mostly, Groepsaccommodatie Nieuwkarspel is visited by families and groups of friends. For a few years or since many years they have been traveling together for one weekend a year or every two years. Our guests all have their own way of being together. They have one thing in common: they are all very satisfied with their stay at Nieuwkarspel group accommodation.

We would like to quote a few comments here.

“We have slept so well here! (Where did you buy the beds?).”
“All the rooms are so nicely decorated here, exactly the right color match!”
“Oh, it smells so nice and fresh here, like a new building.”
“Mmm, another staircase, I might get lost in this beautiful big house.”
“We totally enjoyed the canal cruise.”
“We biked right on the beach in what seemed no time!”
“Nice, that fire pit, we could sit outside for a long time.”
“So nice that one does not run out of plates after just one meal.”


Accesible for disabled

The entire ground floor is barrier-free and the passageways from the inside to the outside (7 in total) can be easily taken with a wheelchair or rollator. One of the downstairs bedrooms has a wheelchair-friendly bathroom and, if desired, a shower chair.


Attractive for are groups and care holidays

Already a number of groups of residents of care centers enjoyed our accommodation. There were already some respite care holidays.


Business stay

We already hosted quite some companies. They came for a course, a pagan, thought about their businesses, reflected on the sales figures, practiced stress-sensitive situations with actors. Some companies even celebrated a good year in Nieuwkarspel.
Some thought it was great to sleep with more colleagues in one room for a night. Others chose to stay with 1 or 2 colleagues in the room. The choice is up to you!



Most groups opt for self-care. That is why group accommodation Nieuwkarspel is completely set up for that.



Do you want to host your group fully or partially catered at Nieuwkarspel? Just ask us for the possibilities! We work together with several catering companies.