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Middenkoogweg 1b, 1738 DW Waarland, Netherlands

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We are Nieuwkarspel

Team Nieuwkarspel consists of Silva Meester (host and marketing), Eef van Leeuwen (finance), Kees Meester (host and technical) en Janneke Terluin (general and landscape). Together we run Nieuwkarspel.


House Rules of Nieuwkarspel
On our information page you can read all about our terms and conditions such as house rules. They belong to the rental contract that you may desire. Click to go there.
Leaving the accommodation: some hints
On our information page you can read all about how we like you to leave holiday rental Nieuwkarspel behind after your stay. Click to go there.
General Terms and Conditions
On our information page you can find our general terms and conditions for renting Nieuwkarspel. Click to go there.
Cancellation Policy

You will also find our cancellation policy on our information page.